Sorry, You Can’t Spell Out Messages With Skeletons In WoW Classic

In vanilla World of Warcraft, as in life, skeletons were built to last. If you died somewhere and your flesh decayed to bone, your blanched, skinless husk would stick around for so long that you could die again and produce

Fallout 76 Player Completes New Raid, Earns Useless Drill

Almost anyone who’s ever raided in a game before has a horror story about that time they worked really hard only to be rewarded with a piece of junk. At least one super unlucky Fallout 76 player recently joined their

The Sims 4’s New Fashion Photography Pack Is Shockingly Good

I would never ordinarily recommend one of The Sims 4’s stuff packs. There usually isn’t much to them. But you know what? The Sims 4's Moschino stuff pack is good.Read more...

Dota 2 Team Sent Packing From World Championship After Tragic Misclick

Painful counterfactuals stalk even the best athletes. On Monday, Manchester United star Paul Pogba missed an easy penalty, dooming his team to a 1-1 draw against a lesser opponent. Last night, a Dota 2 player tried to ban a particular

Metro Exodus’ New Story DLC Feels Like It’s On Fast-Forward

The Metro series, in its best moments, is icky, verging on downright gross. Plenty of shooters try to capture a sense of place, but Metro bathes you in the grime and ichor that seeps from the clogged pores of its

The 10 Best Deals of August 21, 2019

We see a lot of deals around the web over on, but these were our ten favorites today.Read more...

No Man’s Sky’s Beyond Update Reveals The Game’s Real Potential

No Man’s Sky’s latest update, Beyond, makes the game both more complex and easier to play. What’s incredible about Beyond isn’t all the new features, like the new hub for multiplayer which has been looking quite lively after a few

Buy Three of Our Readers’ Favorite Pillows, Get a Fourth Free

Casper makes our readers’ favorite pillows, but they rarely get discounts outside of bundle deals that require you to buy a mattress. Well, you know what? You need to buy pillows a lot more often than you need to buy

Report: Contractors Have Listened To Inadvertently Recorded Audio From Xbox Owners’ Homes

Microsoft contractors working on Xbox have gained access to audio recordings of Xbox owners’ home life, a Vice Motherboard report revealed today. According to the report, accidentally triggered Xbox voice commands would result in audio recordings store...

Dog Racing Died Without A Funeral

SARASOTA, FLORIDA — The sun hadn’t yet risen over the Sarasota Kennel Club, and Deb Linn was wrist deep in 100 pounds of bloody meat. She had been been up since 4:30 a.m., when she made the 45-minute commute south

I Watched Korn Play A Concert In An MMORPG And It Was Surprisingly Great

Adventure Quest 3D is an MMORPG that I didn’t know about until last week when I found out that that the 90s metal band Korn was going to perform a digital concert in the game. Naturally, I downloaded the game,

My Cat Loves This 30-Pack of Sparkly Balls More Than She Loves Me

I am the self-appointed Cat Lady at The Inventory, though I only have three cats currently. My 4-year-old tortie, Luna, is the most active of the bunch. She was a feral kitten and really does have that tortitude every other

‘My Word Means Something’: Indie Dev Elaborates On His Viral Decision To Reject Epic Store Exclusivity

In late July, Wlad Marhulets, the solo developer behind just-released horror game Darq, received the golden ticket: an email from Epic Games asking if he’d like Darq sold on their hugely popular online store.Read more...

Vermintide 2’s ‘Winds Of Magic’ Expansion Adds More Grind But Not Much Else

Developer Fatshark has called “Winds of Magic” Vermintide 2’s first expansion, but while it offers a completely new mode and progression system, it currently just seems like another DLC. On top of that, it feels unmoored from the strong lore

I’m Hooked On Ancestors, A Tough New Survival Game About Human Evolution

I’ve exchanged some odd DMs with a colleague over the past week as we try to figure out an intriguing new video game about human evolution. He gives me tips about hugging. I give him tips about making sharp sticks.

Our own Heather Alexandra is streaming Remnant: From the Ashes right now on our Twitch channel.

Our own Heather Alexandra is streaming Remnant: From the Ashes right now on our Twitch channel. Join us in the chat and subscribe to us on Twitch for more streams as they happen.Read more...

This Game Is Great, But I Can’t Stop Playing Its Unimportant Solitaire App

Eliza is a fascinating game about tech start-up culture and mental health. It also contains a devilish Solitaire game that I can’t stop thinking about.Read more...

The lovely and resourceful Claire Saffitz of Bon Appétit fame attempted homemade, gourmet Pocky yest

The lovely and resourceful Claire Saffitz of Bon Appétit fame attempted homemade, gourmet Pocky yesterday. Can you believe she’d never even tried it before?Read more...

How I Use The Xbox Adaptive Controller To Play Forza Horizon 4 One-Handed

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best driving experiences you can have without getting off your couch. But it, like most video games, requires two hands to play. Luckily for those who are not so-equipped—like me, unfortunately, at the

New Game From The Developers Of Her Story Is An Unsettling Trip Through Stolen NSA Footage

Telling Lies, the latest work of interactive fiction from Her Story creator Sam Barlow, invites players to curl up in front of their computer and comb through hours of leaked fictional National Security Agency footage. Mostly, that involves watching th...

Wednesday’s Best Deals: Blink Security Cameras, AirPods, Clarks Private Sale, and More

A Clarks Private Sale, a Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Cam, and $10 off your preorder of Dragon Quest 11 S for Switch lead off Wednesday’s best deals from around the web.Read more...

What’s Coming and Going From Netflix in September 2019

This month, Netflix gets the movies American Psycho, Mystic River, Superbad, 300, The Taking of Pelham 123, and the second and third Lord of the Rings films. (You can’t get Fellowship on Netflix. Weird!) In TV, there’s season 9 of

Dragon Quest XI Is Finally Coming to Switch, And You Can Save $10 By Preordering

Preorder Dragon Quest 11 S [Nintendo Switch] | $50 | AmazonRead more...

Oninaki: The Kotaku Review

When I first played the demo for Oninaki, an action role-playing game out tomorrow from Lost Sphear and I Am Setsuna creators Tokyo RPG Factory, I was optimistic. The gameplay wasn’t particularly captivating, but the story seemed unique and dark

You Won’t See Quantum Internet Coming

The quantum internet is coming sooner than you think—even sooner than quantum computing itself. When things change over, you might not even notice. But when they do, new rules will protect your data against attacks from computers that don’t

Mortal Kombat 11 Reveals New Fighters Including The Terminator and Joker

Holy crossover, Batman! The rest of Mortal Kombat 11’s first round of character DLC has been revealed. It includes series regular Sindel before going off the rails with the Terminator, Spawn, and a dapper-looking Joker.Read more...